Mangled Music Collectives Latest Release Is Here!

"Triangles is a collection of works all centered around the theme of teamwork. Each track on this album is the product of 3 or more members of our collective."

Friday, 02/03/17 Only:

Bandcamp Will Donate 100% Of Their Proceeds From All Purchases On Friday 02-03-17 To The ACLU To Fight President Trump's Ban Of Immigrants From 7 Countries Into The USA. 
Hey Mangled Music lovers! As a collective of musicians from around the world, with various backgrounds, beliefs and opinions, we all agree that when we work together, we can often achieve so much more than when we work alone.

As we have a new collaboration album out, if you'd like to help support Mangled Music Collective by purchasing it for just $1.00 while also helping the ACLU's mission, It would mean a great deal to us and to many others who's lives are being affected by the mass migration from war torn countries, if you make your purchase this Friday, 02-03-17 during Bandcamp's event. If you don't agree with this, or simply can't purchase it for one reason or another, feel free to purchase another day, or stream it for free, share with your friends, etc. We'll appreciate it regardless!

The new album is only $1.00 for 11 excellent tracks!