"So I Was Just Face To Face With This Sea Turtle..."

Oh hey...sorry I didn't see you there. I promise I'll finish my story, but I've been meaning to tell you something important! Our resident DJ Subdepth put out an awesome mix of Mangled Music Collective gems, and threw it up on our new MixCloud account here! I've also heard through the grapevine that he will be releasing a new one of these once a month! Follow our new account to get your hands on these, or you can get it on his SoundCloud account if that makes your life easier.

Also, I almost forgot to remind you! Keep an eye out for all of the singles from our latest self-titled album to be released today on our artist's individual SoundCloud pages. They should be up on your favorite streaming service like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music/iTunes and more soon as well!

So as I promised, back to my story about this other guy, or sea turtle to be more accurate. So he gets up in my face and was all like "Mmm you look good jellyfish!" with his raspy ass Morla voice, and I was like "Listen up you half-shelled Ninja Turtle wannabe. I may be 97% water but I'll still f*#% you up!" I know I could.  It's still a pretty good thing he wasn't a great swimmer for a sea turtle.

 Anyhow, see ya soon!