So I Heard Some Starfish Talking By The Hydro-thermal Vent, And They Said...

So I heard some Starfish talking by the hydro-thermal vent, and they basically said that some Clown Fish heard some Seahorses talking about how the guys at Mangled Music Collective are about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary (1 week late apparently, as someone forgot the date they formed before they remembered it was August 8th). Anyhow, the Sea Horses have got an "in" with one of the guys in the group, and that guy says he's pretty sure the 18th of August they're going to be releasing a new album to celebrate a "year of funking up beats". Possibly said minus an "n" somewhere in there. And a "c" added. If you're not following them on SoundCloud, now would be a great time to do it. This should be their biggest release yet, and they're about to hit 1000 fans on the MMC Soundcloud page alone. It would be a great milestone to hit before they celebrate with this release!

On a related note, they've also been grooming some new members lately from what I hear. They probably jump them in like a gang or something. Cesium Swimsuit, Belial Pelegrim, Clang Bang...if these guys don't treat you well... I guess I really can't do anything to help, because I live in the sea. On the other tentacle, I can only hope you've all just made 14 new friends. You can learn who they are on the artists page!

For now, this is Juno...swimming out.