"Do You" by Mangled Music Collective Is Here!

Hello world! We've been VERY quiet for the past couple months unfortunately, but we're back! Our newest release is here, with 14 tracks of brilliant electronic music from the fellas. Featuring Shiko, Belial Pelegrim, Aughflair, Armchair Nomad, Xixistix, OhLookItsBubbaJ, Syruprise, Devras Plexi, Suncastle, BVSMV, Supply Fi, Negative Headphone, Soundshift, and OFTRT. Take a listen RIGHT HERE, and if you want to help support our efforts to bring unique, indie electronic music to the masses, it's available for just $1.00 through our BandCamp page! Until next time, stay weird!

We Come In Peace, And We Come Bearing Gifts!

We're Giving Away 99 Copies Of Our Latest Compilation "Triangles" This Sunday, 02/26/17!

Follow us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter, and watch our feeds Sunday to snag one of the promotional codes we'll be giving away, which will be posted along with the 11 images from the individual tracks from our latest release "Triangles". 

Triangles is a collection of 11 amazing collaborations between 3 or more Mangled Music Collective artists and contributors. It emphasizes the ideals of teamwork, collaboration, and the sacrifice that is sometimes necessary as individuals, to work as a group and collaboratively create something unique and exciting!

We are extremely proud of what we've accomplished with this effort, and we think you'll enjoy it as well!

So follow us on your platform of choice, grab a code this Sunday, and use it quick before someone else does! If you drop us your email when downloading we'll be sure to keep you in the loop the next time we've got something exciting to share!

Your Friends,

-Mangled Music Collective

The Weekly Warble v6, Oct. 16 2016

Hey everyone! It's been a while since we've been in touch, but don't think I haven't been thinking about you all! The Mangled Music Collective crew has been busy as ever, and I've got a whopper of a playlist for you today. Lots of new releases over the past few weeks! Here's your mostly-weekly dose of new music coming from the talented members at MMC!.