The Mangled Music Collective is a group of diverse, international, independent electronic musicians who's common denominator is their love of producing music.  We span many musical styles and genres, and cannot be pigeonholed easily.  We are a DIY collective expressing ourselves through music.  Each artist in MMC brings something special and unique to the group.

Recorded music today seems to have been devalued monetarily, despite the fact that it's being listened to more than ever before. This is making it harder for musicians like us to make a living doing what we love.  As independent musicians without huge marketing budgets and teams of people handling everything for us, we believe we should all be more cooperative in spreading awareness to people who may not know what they're missing by only listening to whatever is at the top of the popular charts at the moment. There's a lot of unheard talent out there!

Music isn't dead, it's on life support. Join us in our mission to save it! 

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